Our Proprietary Cyber Intelligence Technology Platform


Analysts, entrepreneurs, investigators, and researchers face an increasingly complex information landscape populated by vast amounts of open-source data. Traditional search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have become the go-to tools for preliminary research, but these limited platforms cannot contextualize important links, identify relevant connections, and spot the risks often of interest to clients.

We developed a highly advanced Cyber platform solution called Inlighter to solve just that.

The Inlighter platform collects, evaluates, analyzes, integrates, and interprets the vast universe of raw data points and information available throughout open-sources. The final result is timely and significant fact-based evidence that supports business conclusions and the corporate decision-making process.

Inlighter utilizes a broad range of web-spiders and crawlers that trawl vast amounts of information, identify relevant links, highlight connections, and underscore previously-unknown relationships. Inlighter empowers research by finding relevance and locating insights.


  • Advances the research and analytical capability of professionals engaged in research and analysis of open-source information.
  • Creates conclusive visuals, searchable databases, and detailed summaries for clients.
  • Identifies relevant connections, undisclosed relationships, and opaque affiliations.

Inlighter helps its users produce information that is:

  1. Timely
  2. Accurate
  3. Usable
  4. Complete
  5. Relevant

Inlighter delivers a constant feedback loop of actionable intelligence that strengthens clients’ planning, options, choices, and procedures. Research and data management support at all life cycle phases.

Managed by the BICI team in Netanya, Inlighter offers its users a straightforward, user-friendly interface. The platform is perpetually expanding to include additional sources of information. BICI developers constantly adapt, troubleshoot, and update Inlighter’s capabilities to include the latest data inputs and intelligence sources. Inlighter empowers analysts to provide clear and concise recommendations and identify relevant and time-sensitive opportunities to clients.

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